A Few Words About Weight Loss.

Hello Everyone.

I have so far been very successful in my weight loss. I am down another 30 pounds since I got to the weight that I could be weighed at. bringing my total weight loss to over 100 pounds.  I will not lie to and say that it is all easy, and fun to do this.  It can be less of a chore than you think though if you apply yourself correctly, and seek help if you need it.

When one goes into a weight loss regimen there are numerous factors to consider. These can be emotional or physical. There can be deep seated psychological reasons for a person being over weight. This may sound strange or even funny to some people, even though the fact remains that this can be the case. People may have any number of psychological issues that have resulted in their being over weight. And it can also be no more than simply eating to much.

I am going to bear my soul here, and tell somethings that I have told very few people in my life or have never told any one. For years I had a self loathing that was very extreme, and almost all consuming. I did not like myself, and was to a point of actually beginning to really hate myself.

I was over weight, had a low self esteem, had some issues with a lot of anger, nerves, and just did not really want to be around anyone not even myself. Not using this as an excuse, I also had a not so pleasant child hood, in which me and my family moved a lot.

I had issues resulting from my parents deaths, and some that I have still not dealt with. To sum it up I was a miserable person, and on top of all of that, I had and still have sleep apnea, people may think that this is nothing, but try to go through your day, day after day,  feeling run down and tired, exhausted all of the time, your head and body hurting like hell, and irritable at any and everything.

The change came for me when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and began getting treatment for it. The first night I used my CPAP all night, I awoke the next day feeling better than I had felt in years, and rested. Then with my mind getting the rest it needed, I had the ability to work through a lot of my issues.

I am not saying that the sleep disorder was the cause of my obesity, but it did contribute to it. I brought this up to point out that issues can be either big or small in your life and lead to things that you never thought they would lead to. And these issues can be either big ones or small ones, and can seem as if they don’t effect you at all, and then later come to find out that they effected you very deeply.

I will say this, if you have a issue that is too big for you to handle, please seek help with it. Either by finding a confidant, or a professional to listen, and help where they can.

The act of losing weight has psychological and emotional baggage attached to it just on it’s own. If you wish you can leave messages on here and I or Denise will try to help you. And if this is not enough, then seek the help of a professional. I and Denise are here to help you in whatever way we can.

No matter what the problems are, it is worth it to lose the weight and get back into shape. You will feel better, and have a better outlook on life when you do, and some of these issues that you have may get cleared up along the way. I have stopped all of the self loathing and hatred, and have realized that I am a worthy human being, that does deserve a long, happy and productive life. And I want you to take this journey with me, on a long, happy and productive life.

So if you do have issues please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to get the help that you may need. Some people do not need any assistance on this level, and that is great.

I hope that this has helped you in some way. Take care and lets get those pounds off together.